Spark Amps Firmwares

Spark 40 firmwares

v0.1.2.197 (Jan 01, 2020) - WIN / MacOS

  • Initial release

v1.0.2.253 Beta (Mar 21, 2020) - WIN / MacOS

  • Improved the tones of 6 drive pedals!
  • Check out the new and improved Tube Drive, Over Drive, Fuzz Face, Black Op, Brassmaster, and SAB Driver!
  • USB output volume has been increased
  • Tuner usability improvements.
  • Long pressing the tuner button will activate the tuner, and only a short press is required to go back to Preset mode.
  • Improved tuner input detection sensitivity
  • Balanced music volume for consistency between Smart/Quick Jam and the built in YouTube Player
  • Bug fixes and performance improvement

v1.1.3.18 Beta (May 07, 2020) - WIN / MacOS

  • Fixed the issue "firmware updater can't recognize Spark on some computers"
  • Fixed several minor bug

v1.2.3.37 (June 02, 2020) - WIN / MacOS

  • Fixed the random loud noise when switching presets via Spark app
  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability
  • Exiting Tuner mode now only requires short tap on any of the 5 buttons (for units shipped with firmware version
  • Increased USB recording volume (for units shipped with firmware version
  • Various bug fixes

v1.4.3.174 (Jul 26, 2021) - WIN / MacOS

  • New Amps:

    • ODS 50 - Inspired by the Dumble ODS 50
    • Blues Boy - Inspired by the Fender® Blues Junior™
    • Insane 6508 - Inspired by the Peavey 6505®
  • New Effects:

    • Clone Drive - Inspired by the Klon Centaur
    • Guitar EQ
    • Bass EQ Other
  • Fixes and Improvements:

    • Spark Tone Control connection speed has been optimized
    • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements
    • Known Issues

v1.5.4.102 (Oct 12, 2021) - WIN / MacOS

  • This firmware update enables the use of the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ expansion, along with some performance and stability improvements. Update both the Spark app and firmware after purchase to gain access to all the included features.

  • Experience Jimi Hendrix™

    • Legendary Gear 6 new amps and 6 new effects, meticulously modelled to bring the legendary sought-after gear that Hendrix™ used throughout his career. Play through the Tone City 100, J.H. Legendary Wah, and more!
    • Famous Moments and Jimi’s Gear Explore an interactive timeline where you can learn more about Jimi’s incredible story and the gear he used throughout his career – all told through your guitar.
    • Auto Tone The brand-new Auto Tone feature automatically switches presets for you while you jam along to your favorite Jimi Hendrix™ song.

v1.7.5.182 (Feb 18, 2022) - WIN / MacOS

  • Spark App Power Update is here!
  • Make sure to update your app to Android v2.3.0.4397 / iOS v2.3.0.4695 and update your Spark amp to the latest firmware to unlock the following new features and enhancements:
  • The (much requested) in-app tuner
  • Tap Tempo feature for modulation and delay pedals
  • Creative Control for Spark Control users introducing custom wah features
  • Experience Jimi Hendrix™ pack users can now simultaneously use the J.H. Legendary Wah with Vintage Delay or Echo Tape pedal

v1.8.7.20 (Aug 15, 2023) - WIN / MacOS

  • Firmware updater improved for stability

Spark MINI firmwares

v1.7.2.10 (Mar 01, 2022) - WIN / MacOS

  • Initial release

v1.7.5.182 (May 04, 2022) - WIN / MacOS

  • Official support for the Spark MINI! Make sure to download the latest app update as well before using your Spark MINI.
  • This firmware update includes support for the following features and bug fixes:
  • EQ Scenario
  • Fixed a bug where audio would cut out when changing presets, which also improved responsiveness when switching presets!
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

v1.8.2.19 (Jul 18, 2022) - WIN / MacOS

  • Headphone and line-out volume for the guitar channel has been slightly increased. Please make sure to turn it down before plugging in your headphones and tweak it accordingly to ensure no hearing damage.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

v1.9.2.34 (Oct 31, 2023) - WIN / MacOS

  • Bluetooth Firmware v1.89
    • Supports Hi-Z mode (activated via the Spark App)
    • Now possible to record from the Spark MINI via USB out
    • Now possible to simultaneously use Spark MINI’s USB audio out with its Bluetooth Tone Control connection.

v1.10.2.57 (May 13, 2023) - WIN / MacOS

  • Bluetooth Firmware v1.90
    • Support USB Audio
    • Optimized update process
    • Fix potential crashing and freezing issue

Spark GO firmwares

v1.13.0.189 (May 13, 2023) - WIN / MacOS

  • Spark GO’s EQ Scenario optimized

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