Panel Description

Last modified on: 5/12/2024, 10:25:51 AM

This section describes to top control and side panels of the Spark GO.

Top Control Panel

Top Control Panel

(A) Power Indicator Indicates power and battery status.

  • Solid Green: Powered on or fully charged
  • Solid Red: Low battery
  • Flashing Red/Green: Charging

(B) Bluetooth® Indicator Indicates the status of your Bluetooth audio connection:

  • Solid Blue: Connected
  • Flashing Blue: Pairing

(C ) Preset Selector Turn the knob to select one of the four presets stored on Spark MINI. The red LED indicates the preset currently in use.

(D) Guitar Volume Adjusts the overall volume of your guitar.

(E) Music Volume Adjusts the sound of Bluetooth® devices, AUX IN, and USB audio playback.

(F) Guitar Input Plug in your guitar with a standard 1/4" (6.3mm) guitar cable.

Rear Panel

Rear Panel

(G) Headphone / Line Out (3.5mm) Plug in a pair of headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

(H) AUX IN (3.5mm) Connect the analog output of an audio device to this port.

(I) USB Port Connect the supplied USB-C® to USB-A cable to charge Spark MINI, or to connect it to a PC/Mac to use as an audio interface

(J) Pair / Tuner Button Press to enter Bluetooth® pairing mode when connecting to a new device. Hold to enter the tuner mode.

(K) Power Button Hold to turn on or turn off Spark MINI

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