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This page describe the effect simulations available on the Spark amps through the Spark App.

Default list

Noise Gate, inspired by NC
Noise GateNC
LA Comp, inspired by Teletronix LA-2A Compressor
LA CompTeletronix LA-2A Compressor
Sustain Comp, inspired by Boss CS-3
Sustain CompBoss CS-3
Red Comp, inspired by MXR Dyna Comp
Red CompMXR Dyna Comp
Bass Comp, inspired by 	EBS Multicomp
Bass Comp EBS Multicomp
Optical Comp, inspired by BBE Opto Stomp
Optical CompBBE Opto Stomp
Booster, inspired by MXR Micro Amp
BoosterMXR Micro Amp
Clone Drive, inspired by Klon Centaur
Clone DriveKlon Centaur
Tube Drive, inspired by Ibanez Tube Screamer
Tube DriveIbanez Tube Screamer
Over Drive, inspired by Boss OD-3
Over DriveBoss OD-3
Fuzz Face, inspired by Dunlop or Arbiter Fuzz Face
Fuzz FaceDunlop or Arbiter Fuzz Face
Black Op, inspired by Pro Co RAT
Black OpPro Co RAT
Bass Muff, inspired by Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi
Bass MuffElectro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi
Guitar Muff, inspired by Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Guitar MuffElectro Harmonix Big Muff
Bassmaster, inspired by Maestro Bass Brassmaster
BassmasterMaestro Bass Brassmaster
Sab Driver, inspired by Wampler Plexi-Drive
Sab DriverWampler Plexi-Drive
Tremolo, inspired by Mad Professor Mellow Yellow
TremoloMad Professor Mellow Yellow
Chorus, inspired by Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
ChorusBoss CH-1 Super Chorus
Flanger, inspired by Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress
FlangerElectro Harmonix Electric Mistress
Phaser, inspired by MXR M-107 Phase 100
PhaserMXR M-107 Phase 100
Vibrato, inspired by BBE Mind Bender (vibrato switch only)
VibratoBBE Mind Bender (vibrato switch only)
Univibe, inspired by Shi-Nei Uni-vibe
UnivibeShi-Nei Uni-vibe
Cloner Chorus, inspired by Electro Harmonix Small Clone
Cloner ChorusElectro Harmonix Small Clone
Classic Vibe, inspired by Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe
Classic VibeVoodoo Lab Micro Vibe
Tremolator, inspired by Demeter TRM-1 Tremulator
TremolatorDemeter TRM-1 Tremulator
Tremolo Square, inspired by TC Electronic Pipelilne
Tremolo SquareTC Electronic Pipelilne
Guitar EQ, inspired by MXR M109
Guitar EQMXR M109
Bass EQ, inspired by MXR M109
Bass EQMXR M109
Digital Delay, inspired by 	Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Digital Delay Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Echo Filt, inspired by Marshall Echohead EH-1
Echo FiltMarshall Echohead EH-1
Vintage Delay, inspired by Boss DM-3
Vintage DelayBoss DM-3
Reverse Delay, inspired by Positive Grid original
Reverse DelayPositive Grid original
Multi Head, inspired by Boss RE-20 / Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Multi HeadBoss RE-20 / Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Echo Tape, inspired by Maestro Echoplex EP-2 Tape Delay
Echo TapeMaestro Echoplex EP-2 Tape Delay
Room Studio A, inspired by -
Room Studio A-
Chamber, inspired by -
Hall Natural, inspired by -
Hall Natural-
Plate Short, inspired by -
Plate Short-
Hall Ambient, inspired by -
Hall Ambient-
Plate Rich, inspired by EMT 140 Plate Reverb
Plate RichEMT 140 Plate Reverb
Hall Medium, inspired by Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Hall MediumElectro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Plate Long, inspired by Wampler Reflection Plate Reverb
Plate LongWampler Reflection Plate Reverb
Room Studio B, inspired by -
Room Studio B-

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark

You will need the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark pack to access these amps through the App. The pack is a paid product.

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark
J.H. Axle Fuzz, inspired by Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
J.H. Axle FuzzRoger Mayer Axis Fuzz
J.H. Super Fuzz, inspired by Marshall Supa Fuzz
J.H. Super FuzzMarshall Supa Fuzz
J.H. Octave Fuzz, inspired by Roger Mayer Octavia
J.H. Octave FuzzRoger Mayer Octavia
J.H. Fuzz Zone, inspired by Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone
J.H. Fuzz ZoneMaestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone
J.H. Legendary Wah, inspired by Vox 846 wah-wah pedal
J.H. Legendary WahVox 846 wah-wah pedal
J.H. Legendary Vibe, inspired by Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe Junior
J.H. Legendary VibeRoger Mayer Voodoo Vibe Junior

Spark LIVE

You will need the Spark LIVE to access these effects through the App.

These preamps are available only in the Channel 2 sections as their are designed to work with Bass, Acoustic guitar and microphones

Comp 76, inspired by NC
Comp 76NC
Mic Comp, inspired by NC
Mic CompNC
Vocal Drive, inspired by NC
Vocal DriveNC
Vocal Chorus, inspired by NC
Vocal ChorusNC
Vocal Echo, inspired by NC
Vocal EchoNC
Vocal Mellow Reverb, inspired by NC
Vocal Mellow ReverbNC
Vocal Brilliant Reverb, inspired by NC
Vocal Brilliant ReverbNC

Images courtesy of Positive Grid
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