Your Positive Grid Account / Profile

Last modified on: 3/15/2024, 5:41:37 PM

This page describes how to create your Positive Grid account and manage your profile.

Log In to Your Positive Grid Account

Tap the Menu icon
Tap Log In

Log in with your existing account, use your Apple ID or Facebook ID

or tap on Sign Up to create a new account

Set Up Your Profile

Set up your profile to manage your ToneCloud® presets and connect with other Spark users.

Set up your profile prompt
Edit your Display Name
Upload Your Profile Picture
Reframe Your Profile Picture
Edit your bio and URL
Your profile

Once you log in, a Set Up Your Profile prompt should appear, which will take you to the Edit Profile Page.
From here you can

  • edit your Display Name, which is the name that will be shown to others in the ToneCloud®. Otherwise the First Name and Last Name you used when creating your account will be used.
  • choose your Profile Picture from photos on your device or by taking a new one. It is possible to delete your profile picture.
  • add a short bio about yourself (content is limited to 150 characters).
  • add your URL (e.g. your website, YouTube channel, etc.). No need to include the http:// or https://.
  • delete your account.

On your profile page you can:

  • edit your ToneCloud® preset details (Name, Genre and Tags) by tapping on the icon to rename
  • delete the preset from the ToneCloud®.
  • log out by tapping the icon at the top right of the page.

Delete Your Account

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