Using Spark 40

Last modified on: 3/15/2024, 5:41:37 PM

This page describes how to use the Positive Grid Spark 40.

Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

To use Spark 40 as a Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device, then select “Spark 40 Audio” from the list of available options.

  • Spark Amp automatically pairs with previously connected devices when turned on. It can also be paired with other devices (for example, if a previously connected device is not available).

  • To reset pairing information, turn on Spark Amp while holding down preset button 4 for 3 seconds. Remove Spark Amp from recognized devices in Bluetooth settings before pairing again.

USB audio interface

To use Spark 40 as a USB audio interface

  • Connect to a computer with the bundled USB cable, use “Spark USB Audio” as recording/playback device.

  • By default, the guitar signal is recorded after Amp/FX modeling. To record a dry guitar signal, use the SPARK app to bypass all Amp/FX modules.

  • The USB playback volume is controlled via the MUSIC VOLUME knob.

  • If input monitoring is enabled in your recording/DAW software, you can monitor your guitar signal in your recording/DAW software (controlled by MUSIC VOLUME knob) and through the amp itself (controlled by OUTPUT knob).

  • Windows driver for ASIO support can be found in Spark help center.

Tap Tempo

The 'Tap Tempo' feature is available for both the Spark app and the Spark amp.

  • As soon as you turn on your Spark amp, the “TAP” button will always be flashing, indicating the tempo that is read by delay and modulation effects.

  • To modify it, simply tap on the “TAP” button a few times at the tempo you desire. You should see the blinking speed change to whatever speed you just tapped.


Tuner is available for both the Spark app and the Spark amp. To access the tuner in the Spark app, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Hold down the 'TAP' button for a few seconds. You’ll see the LEDs on the preset buttons switch off, indicating the amp has entered tuner mode.
  1. In Tuner mode, the LEDs on the five buttons represent how in-tune the notes are.

    • When a note is perfectly in tune, button CH.2 will light up a green light.
    • If the notes are sharp from the target note, buttons CH.3 and CH.4 will light red lights.
    • If the notes are flat from the target note, buttons 'TAP' and CH.1 will light red lights.
  2. To exit tuner mode, hold down the 'TAP' button again for a few seconds until the LED resumes flashing.

Save/Switch Presets

You can save up to 4 presets to the onboard memory on the Spark amp. These saved presets can be easily accessed anytime you turn on the amp without using the Spark app.

  1. On the top panel of the Spark amp, you’ll find buttons labeled 1 to 4, corresponding to channels 1~4 from the onboard preset slots.

  2. Clicking on any of the buttons will load in the preset saved on that particular preset slot. The LED on the active preset slot will light up.

  3. If you made any modification to a loaded onboard preset, either by turning the physical knobs on the amp or changing the parameter within the Spark app, the LED of that channel will be blinking, indicating the preset has been modified.

  4. By holding down any of the preset buttons, the current guitar tone/signal chain will be saved to the held preset slot. Once saved, the LED of that channel will stop blinking.

Bluetooth Status LED Indicator

  • Blinking: Indicating the amp is in pairing mode for Bluetooth audio, ready to be connected.

  • Solid blue: Indicating the amp is connected by a device, audio on the said device will be played back from the Spark amp.

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