Troubleshooting Spark GO

Last modified on: 3/15/2024, 5:41:37 PM

Factory Reset

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset. This process will reset all the four presets stored on the Spark GO as well as its Bluetooth pairing information, Headphone/Line Out Mode, EQ Scenario, Power Saving Setting.

  1. Turn off your Spark GO.
  2. Hold the Power/Pair and Preset buttons, then release the buttons when the Power Indicator turns into white color.
  3. Hold the Power/Pair or Preset button, until all four preset LEDs buttons blink once, then release the button.
  4. Spark GO will be turned off automatically when the factory reset is completed, turn it back on to start playing. *After the step 2, if you’re not ready to perform factory reset, or tends to do it later, you can cancel the process by tapping the Power/Pair or Preset button.

Force Shutdown & Restart

If Spark GO runs into an issue where the knobs/buttons doesn't respond anymore or freezes, or emits a high pitched or unusual noise, follow the steps below to force shutdown and restart Spark GO.

  1. Remove the USB cable on Spark GO.
  2. Hold the Power/Pair button over 10 seconds.
  3. Release the Power/Pair button, and hold it again to turn Spark GO on.

Connection Issues

  • If you experience any connectivity issues after connecting for the first time, firstly try to go into Pairing Mode by pressing the POWER button on the side of the Spark GO (while the unit is powered on) and try to reconnect.

  • Reboot the Spark GO and enter Pairing Mode then try to reconnect.

  • Try closing the Spark app by removing it from the multitasking menu of your smartphone. Open the Spark GO again and try reconnecting once you’ve turned on the Spark GO and have entered Pairing Mode.

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