Panels Description

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This section describes to top control and rear panels of the Spark 40.

Top Control Panel

Spark 40 Top Control Panel

(A) Power Switch

(B) Tap / Tuner
Long press the button to engage TUNER mode. While in TUNER mode, the TAP and 4 Preset LEDs indicate the pitch being played.

Long press the button again to exit TUNER mode. The guitar signal becomes muted when TUNER mode is engaged.

The tempo of the delay effect can be set by tapping (more than twice) on the switch.

(C ) Preset Switches
Tap to select one of the 4 presets stored on the Spark amp.
The red LED flashes to indicate that the preset has been modified. Long-press the switch again to overwrite the preset.

(D) Adjust the volume from Bluetooth audio, AUX in, or USB audio playback.

(E) Headphone Port
Main speaker sound is muted when a connector is inserted into this port.

(F) Amp Type
Changes the amp model in the current preset.
Use the SPARK app to access amp models not selectable by this switch.

(G) Amp Control
Controls the gain, EQ, and volume of the amp model in the current preset.

(H) Effects Control
Adjusts the amount of Modulation, Delay, and Reverb in the current preset.
Use the SPARK app to change the effects type and detailed effects settings.

(I) Output
Adjusts the overall volume of your guitar.

(J) Guitar Input

Rear Panel

Spark 40 Rear Panel

(K) Bluetooth Status Indicator

  • Indicates the status of your Bluetooth audio connection:
    • Connected (blue light)
    • Waiting to connect (flashes)
    • Disabled (LED off)

(L) AUX In
Connect the analog output of an audio device to this port. USB audio playback and Bluetooth audio are disabled when a connector is inserted into this port.

(M) USB Port
Use the supplied USB cable to connect your computer to the Spark amp for USB recording or firmware updates.

(N) DC In
Connects the supplied power adapter. Only use the specified AC adapter. Using any other AC adapter may cause malfunctions.

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