Exploring the ToneCloud®

Last modified on: 5/12/2024, 10:25:51 AM

The ToneCloud® is a preset sharing system developed by Positive Grid. Sync your presets across devices, take your tones on the road, share your presets or download presets designed by other musicians in our community from all over the world!

Search and Preset Actions

ToneCloud icon
  • Tap on the ToneCloud® icon on the top right to access the ToneCloud®
  • Tap to Sort presets
  • Tap the icon to exit the ToneCloud®
  • Tap on the categories to browse presets by genre
ToneCloud Categories
  • Tap the Play button on the Preset thumbnail to preview a tone when connected to the Spark amp. You need to strum your guitar chords to hear the tie tone.
Preview tone
  • From Left to Right; (i) Tap on the Share button to share a link to the preset externally, (ii) Tap on the Like button to add the preset to your favorites, (iii) Tap the Download button to bring up the Download menu
  • Tap Save to save the preset to your local preset list
  • Rename the preset before you save
  • Select which category you would like the preset to show up in
  • Tap on the Profile to explore the preset creator’s profile
  • Tap on Follow to follow the creator, their presets will show up in the Following category in the ToneCloud®
ToneCloud results
ToneCloud results
Download Tone
Download Tone

Share/Upload/Save Your Own Presets to the ToneCloud®

Share presets you’ve designed yourself for others in the Spark community to enjoy by uploading/saving them to the ToneCloud®.

  1. Tap on the icon on the top right of the Tone page
  2. Tap Share to ToneCloud
  3. Rename the Preset and select a genre
  4. Add up to 6 tags to make it easier for others to search for your preset. Some suggested tags would be pickups used (single coil, humbucker, etc), which pickup position was used, characteristic of the tone (ambient, crunchy, higain, etc) and its usage (lead, rhythm, solo, etc), artist or song, etc.
  5. Tap Share to share it to the ToneCloud

Explore Other's Profiles

Get to know other musicians in the Spark community by exploring and following their profile. You can also see their shared presets and follow them to get notified when they upload new presets.

  • Tap on Followers or Following to see who the profile owner is following or being followed by. - Read the profile's Bio or tap on their link to learn more about them. - Tap on Follow to add them to your follow list; their presets will show up in the Following category of the ToneCloud. - Explore presets that have been shared to the ToneCloud by the profile owner.

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