Spark App FAQ

Last modified on: 5/12/2024, 10:25:51 AM

Will the Spark app work on my mobile device ?

Ability of the Spark App to work does not depend on your mobile device version but on the version of iOS/Android you have installed (or can install on it). The Spark App requires iOS 12.0 or higher, or Android 8.0 or higher.

If you want to know what version of iOS is supported by your iPad or iPhone, you can check this link. It will give you the maximum iOS version supported by you iOS device.

Is it possible to create an effect chain from scratch ?

No you can’t. You can only start from an existing chain, modify it and save it as a new effect chain.

How do i know my current App version ?

  1. Open your Spark App on your mobile device
  2. Connect the App to your amp
  3. Click on the bottom right icon to access app options. You’ll see the app version installed on your mobile device

Can I install the Spark App on a computer ?

No you can’t. Spark app only supports Android and iOS devices.

Some users have been able to mirror their mobile/tablet screen on their TV or computer screen but you’ll still need a mobile device to access the app features. Some other users have also tried android emulators on windows (eg: BlueStacks).

A free open source application called Soundshed exists for Windows (64bits), macOS and Linux. It allows you to browse and manage favourite tones, control your amp, jam to video backing tracks, learn chords and scales. It workds currently with the Spark 40 and the the Spark MINI.

Does the app support Landscape mode ?

The Spark App works in Landsacpe Mode with iOS on both tablets and phones. On Android, Landscape mode only works with tablets and you will need app version or above.

Can i sync Spark tones across multiple devices

Anything you store on your app is linked to one specific device so unfortunately, it is not possible to sync tones across devices.

However, it is possible to create a backup of tones saved on your device, upload it to a Dropbox account and then download that backup from another device. This will allow you to sync Spark tones across all your devices. Check the tutorial on how to perform a tone backup from the Spark app.

Another option would be to upload all your tones to the ToneCloud. ToneCloud Tones and likes/favorites are linked to your profile, hence available on various devices with the same login.

Can we play music from Spotify/Apple Music via Bluetooth with Spark while playing guitar at the same time?

es, you can jam with any streaming app with Spark/Apple Music at the same time.

Can I use the amp without the app, a phone or a tablet ?

Yes you can but you won’t have access to all the features provided by the app (Smart jam, effects, amp simulations, backing tracks, tonecloud, etc.)

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